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How to Use Hair Fiber?

To use Hair Fiber product, open the cap of Quick Hair Fiber container and spray powder on bald spot or where you have less quantity of hairs. These fibers are bond with your existing hair which makes their bond with the natural hair very strong. Do not forget to shake your hair with your hands gently and mix the fibers with your existing hair to give thicker look.

You can use our other product "Quick Hair Locking Spray" on to the effective area to ensure the fibers stays on for a long time. It is really hard to find the difference between original hair and hair fibers even from close look. So you never need to worry about any differences in your natural hairs and hair building fibers in any public appearances.

You will see the balding and thinning area of your scalp disappear immediately and your head suddenly looks with full of natural hairs as the hair building fibers stay all day and night. Now you never want to miss any public appearances with Quick hair building fibers.

This is one of the easiest ways to get younger look instantly and enhance your personality with new confidence and looks in seconds. Quick Hair Fiber is a cosmetic breakthrough that immediately gives men & women "thicker-looking" hair and transforming your appearance in less than half minute.

Now you can reduce your age instantly and look younger than ever in seconds with our natural hair building fiber products.

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