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Q1. How Quick Hair Building Fibers are made of ?
Ans- Quick Hair Building Fibers are prepared with 100% natural human hairs – the same hairs you have on your scalp. It is absolutely safe and easy to use with zero side effect. Get your lost grandeur back within few seconds with our risk free & natural hair building fiber products.

Q2. How do I apply Quick Hair Fibers on my scalp ?
Ans- Use of Quick Hair Building Fibers product is quite easy and simple, so please go through the “HOW TO USE” page this website and see how to apply it on your scalp.

Q3. How many colors are available ?
Ans- We have four colors available for your convenience which are black, dark black, brown & dark brown. So you can choose any of them according to your hair colors.

Q4. Can I apply two colors on my scalp ?
Ans- Yes, you may apply two colors on your scalp but to get the best result don’t forget to apply the dark shade first and then you can apply lighter shade.

Q5. Can regular use of Quick Hair Fibers harm my Scalp and Hairs ?
Ans- Please do not worry as we already stated above that Quick Hair Fibers are made with 100% natural human hairs with no side effects. But if you still find any symptoms of an allergy, stop using the product immediately and consult your doctor.

Q6. Can Quick Hair Fibers work for both Men & Women ?
Ans- Yes, Quick Hair Fibers are made to suit for both men and women as hair fall and baldness is very common problem among the youngsters in today’s lifestyle and no matter if it is a men or women but everybody want to have the old look back. So anyone can use this product without any hesitation.

Q7. Will Quick Hair Fibers wash out if I swim ?
Ans- Quick Hair Building Fibers are not permanent as they are made to give instant solutions of thinning Hairs and Bald Patches for both men and women. So it is advisable not to swim with this product.

Q8. How can I remove Quick Hair Fibers from my Scalp ?
Ans- As already stated above Quick Hair Building Fibers are made to give instant solutions of thinning Hairs and Bald Patches. So they are not permanent and can be washed out with your regular Shampoo.

Q9. Can I use Quick Hair Building Fiber with other styling products ?
Ans- Though there is no problem of using Quick Hair Fiber with any other styling products. But sometime some products such as hair gel and hair oil lead the fibers to fall off quickly as compare to regular usage. So it is advisable to try Quick Hair Fibers with other products at least two-three times at home before go out for any occasion.

Q10. Can Bald Person use Quick Hair Building Fibers ?
Ans- We regret to inform you that this product is meant for thinning hairs and bald patches only as fibers are bind with natural hairs only and fill the gap of thinning area and bald patches. So this product has no role for complete bald scalp.

Q11. Can I order any of your product for my friend ?
Ans- Yes, you can order any of our product for your friend by entering his/her complete address with pin code with your address as well (in remarks) but we do not provide cash on delivery in such cases.

Q12. Can Customer Care help me out for further queries ?
Ans- Yes, our customer care executives will be happy to assist you for any further queries and resolves your concerns as early as possible. You can also reach us at


  • Hi,

    I am Manoj Raina and works as Manager Tours in one of the leading travel company since last 17 years or so. I am into the public dealing and meet many customers every day. I have been losing my hair regularly and having less hairs left on my scalp. I never thought of trying any hair solutions or treatments as I am 40 plus now but look like more aged. Incidentally I found a Quick Hair Fiber trail pack provided by my Company which is a sister concern of Quick Hair Fiber products...More...
  • Hi,

    I am 27 years of age and a self employed. To find the smooth and silky hair I used so many chemical products but instead of getting smooth and silky hair I started losing hair since 3 years of so. Though I stopped using chemical products but now I have found very less hair on my scalp and that is why I have started wearing cap for all day. I feel so shy whenever I am in any family function or in public meetings. Recently I have found the details of Quick Hair Building Fiber Products over internet...More...
  • HI,

    I am a married woman of age 32, a housewife. I used to have long hairs until I was 25 years old. But after the delivery of my first baby I lost half of my hairs and since then I could not recovered my full hairs. Due to bald patched and very less hair on my scalp I looked like a 40 plus old woman. So I have started wearing wigs for my family functions and important occasions but one day I have heard about Quick Hair Building Fiber Products and Locking Spray and I have ordered for a combo trail pack...More...

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